MySpace is definitely a bit different from other networking websites, but the
principles are still the same. Here are a few tips and methods to getting the
most out of using MySpace for marketing and promotion, for any type of
online business.

First, be sure you are networking with others. People will come to your
MySpace page often and may leave comments there. They may be just one
person, but acknowledging them and really interacting with them on a one on
one basis (online of course) is going to allow you to gain respect as a leader
in the community.
If you are unsure how to interact with them, keep in mind the ways you
would act with anyone at the office. You would ask them how they are and
ask questions about what they are doing on MySpace. If they have a website


up and running, be sure to check it out or leave a comment on their blog.
This enables your name to get out there and allows you to interact with
people are most likely to share your information with others.

At the same time, get to know those who do come to your MySpace page.
Remember to remark about their birthday or be sure to mention something
about a comment they made that you agree with. This again helps them to
get to know you and truly allow you to become their friend.
Over time you will start to use the MySpace blogs that are available readily
on your MySpace page. These are a great way to promote your other blogs,
too. Be sure to link to your blogs.

This will enable you to get a back link to
your website from a fairly well ranking website, It is essential
that you consistently uses these blogs or cross promotion since it will enable
your ranking to increase (on both blogs) and will allow your traffic to flow
better between the two.
Be careful about adding a lot of people to your MySpace accounts at one
time. You can “friend” someone on MySpace. This allows you to simply
become this person’s friend and read the information at their website. You
will need to do this so that you get the viewers you need at your own page.
At the same time, keep in mind that you also need to stay within the rules.
MySpace wants you to find people who share interests with you and wants
you to connect with others.

Yet, they do not tolerate spammers and they will
be monitoring your action, at least somewhat, to ensure that you are not
spamming others. Individuals often make the mistake of simply throwing out
a lot of friend requests at one time. This signals to MySpace that you are not
actually meeting these people but just grabbing friends so you can promote
to them.
Do engage others. You will want to make part of your daily marketing plans
with MySpace to be getting more friends. The more people that you friend,
the more potential people you have coming to your website, too.
Remember these aspects of using MySpace:

Remember these aspects of using MySpace:
• Don’t make your MySpace age a sales page: MySpace may even delete
it for you and since you won’t get the traffic you want from it, it won’t
• Do invest time in a thorough profile. Choose a fun picture and let
everyone know who you are, what you like and what your passions
are. This does matter to them.
• Network: find, talk to and friend as many people as you can, especially
those you would consider to be prime individuals to work with you or
to buy your product or service.
• Use MySpace videos to help you educate the masses. As with
YouTube, you want to use these videos for education, not sales
oriented information.
• Do encourage others to view your website or your blog on a regular
basis. This also adds a lot of cross traffic between them both and will
increase the sales you make if you have done well.
• Do give people your MySpace website link. It is an educational tool for
you and a promotional tool. Give it to those who you meet or get to
know. If you meet someone using any other social marketing tool, use
your MySpace (and YouTube) sites to help you to get them to your
• Remember that you are defined by your MySpace page. Anything you
do and say there is going to affect what you do. In other words, since
people will use this to get to know you, be sure that you are putting
out a fantastic first impression.
The only way to get the most out of MySpace is to network. But, since the
best Internet marketers are doing fabulously with social networking in terms
of converting this traffic to sales, you can see the same rewards. MySpace
gives you the forum to make things happen.


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