Launch Your Product

How to Launch Your Product

The internet has revolutionized small businesses and taken them to the next level.

Nowadays, it is possible for anyone with an internet connection to create profit online

by marketing products to eager, targeted buyers.

The best part is that you don’t need a big wad of cash to get started – the internet

marketing game is low cost, with sky-rocketing profits! While affiliate marketing is a

popular option for people who just want a little extra side income, the big bucks come

from product launches.

This will be the focus of this book – helping you create and refine your product launch,

so that it becomes an irresistible offer that can’t be refused.

We’ll guide you through market research and how to create a digital product for your

launch. You will also learn how to write and produce a sales letter that will grip your

audience and coax them into purchasing your product. You will also discover the tactics

behind successful promotional and marketing materials.

Later on, you’ll learn the sales funnel secrets to boost your earnings per click. You’ll also

find out how to make your Joint Ventures and Partnerships more profitable, so that

you’re always on top.

We’ll also tell you how to optimize your product launch so that you get the most out of

it – from your pre-launch marketing strategies to even timing your launch. And in the

final chapter, you’ll learn how to boost your sales and make your product launch a sure-

fire hit using specific, tried-and-tested techniques.

Now, before we go into all that, let’s cover the basics of any product launch.


Product launches are not a new innovation – they’ve been going on for ages. Launching

your product online is something which you can successfully do as long as your product

and marketing efforts are in sync.

In internet marketing, when we talk about product launches, 99% of the time, we mean

digital products. Think products like e-books, video tutorials, online courses, software

and online membership sites – anything that is downloadable or accessible via a

computer browser.

You don’t even need to create the product from scratch if you don’t want to – you can

purchase Private Label Rights (PLR) material online. These are products which you can

purchase and, in most cases, resell and claim as your own. We’ll discuss these further in

the following chapters.

Why You Should Create A Product Launch


There are many other business ventures which you could take on in this day and age, so

what makes product launches so great?


Fast Results & Flexibility


Firstly, you can get fast results and work flexibly. This is a point that doesn’t need much

explanation – we all know that product launches can bring in crazy profits, within just a

few minutes! Because your product is launched on the internet where there are millions

of people online at any given time who are only a few clicks away from purchasing your

product, it is insanely easy for your earnings to snowball within the first couple of hours

of your launch.

On top of this, product launches give you so much flexibility – you can craft and prepare

your launch from home, a café, while you’re at your day job or even while on holiday!

With all the tools you need for your launch being accessible via the internet, you don’t

need to ever worry about being caught off guard. You can launch your product with just

your laptop and a stable internet connection.

Not only that, you also have flexibility in terms of configuring your launch – with

websites like JVZoo, ClickBank and Warriror+ Plus, you have so many options and

customizations which you can use to tailor your product launch effectively.



Another benefit of launching your product online is it is a lot cheaper than launching

physical products like t-shirts and books. If you think about it, creating and launching a

digital product costs next to nothing.

When it comes to creating your digital product, sometimes all you need is Microsoft

Word or an equivalent – tools which any basic laptop or desktop readily has. And by

creating just one digital product, say a PDF format e-book, you can sell it to thousands of

customers – it’s like a one size fits all kind of situation so you have no need to reproduce

the item again and again.

As for launching your product, a lot of websites will allow you to launch and promote

your product for free in exchange for a small commission fee on each purchase. What

this means is that you have no risk of losing any money – because even if your product
doesn’t make a single sale (which is a real rarity in this business), you won’t be charged

or penalized in any way.

Immediacy & Ease Of Purchase


Another awesome thing about product launches is that products can be delivered to

your customers with just a few clicks of a mouse or If you have an autoresponder set up,

your digital product can be forwarded to your customers instantly! This is a huge deal

when compared to physical products, which sometimes take weeks to ship and tend to

incur high shipping costs.

Your customers will receive their products in an e-mail or download within seconds of

them completing their purchase – which is also something that can be optimized for

ease of use.

When you launch your product, say on JVzoo or ClickBank or Warrior+ Plus, you will be

able to customize the payment process to make it extremely easy for your customers.

With the help of buy buttons, PayPal and autoresponders, customers can purchase your

product without any hassle.

Build Your List


Your e-mail list is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your online

marketing success. And the best way to grow your list is by launching products online.

When someone purchases your product, you will also get a hold of their e-mail address,

which you can add to your mailing list.

Through a list, you get to identify qualified leads, build relationships and most

importantly, have a market that you can tap into whenever you want. Product launches

help you add fresh leads to your list.

These e-mail addresses are valuable because for all of your oncoming products, you will

have people who you can market to immediately by sending them a simple e-mail. A list

gives you on-demand traffic whenever and wherever you want traffic to go. And it’s not

only helpful for just your own products – this list can come in handy if you are also an

active affiliate marketer or engage in ad swapping.

Sell all your other products and services


Creating a product launch also lets you sell your other products and services. Usually, a

buying frenzy ensues when you send your prospects through your sales funnel, after

carefully selecting your upsells and downsells.

With upsells and downsells, you can entice your prospects to purchase some of your

other products – this means that from the launch of a single product, you are able to

also market one, two or even three other products to your prospect. That means you

have the opportunity to further increase your profits.


Build Your Credibility and Affiliate Network


With the high quality content that you create and subsequently launch, you get to

increase your credibility. You can solidify your status in your niche as a reliable expert.

On top of this, product launches are great ways to generate new partnerships and

business relationships. A successful product launch will not only get the big players in

the market interested in what you have to do and say, but there’s also the high chance

that you will be able to greatly expand your affiliate network. It’s one of the many

reasons why product launches are too lucrative an opportunity to say ‘No’ to.

How to Launch Your Product

1. Create or Find Your Product

2. Plan and Create a Sales Funnel

3. Create a Sales Letter & Sales Page

4. Find affiliates to promote your launch

5. Send Out Promotional E-mails

In a nutshell, there are five key steps that are involved in launching a product.

Firstly, you need to create your product. This includes conducting your niche and market

research before you start actually creating a product. As mentioned earlier, you can also

look for re-sellable PLR products. PLR products listed on online marketplaces will usually

come with a list of rights. So before you make a purchase, just make sure that the

product you are purchasing also gives you the rights to reselling.

Once you have your product, you need to plan and create your sales funnel. A sales

funnel is a great way to get your prospects to purchase your other offers. For most

internet marketers and vendors, the sales funnel is where they get the bulk of their

profit. Once you’ve set up your sales funnel, the traffic from your launch will

immediately flow into it, which will help you generate even more sales.

For Step 3, you need to create your sales letter and sales page. The content of your sales

letter is very important in getting people to purchase your product. Once you’ve

produced your sales letter, be sure to also set up your sales page and ensure that all the

links are working fine.

You can then move on to finding affiliates. These are the people who will help to

promote your product in exchange for commission. This is the way to generate crazy

traffic during your launch – if you only promote to your own followers and leads, you

will not get the best results. Using affiliates helps your launch reach a wider audience

and is therefore vital to your launch success.

Once that’s done, you need to schedule and send out promotional emails to your list.

There is an art to this, so that your e-mails get opened and aren’t just brushed aside or

worse – labeled as spam or junk. Be very particular when creating these e-mails, as they

can really help your product sell well.

Where to Launch Your Product


Now that you know the basics of how to launch a product, let’s take a quick look at

where you can launch your product.

While you can choose to launch your product independently, many online businesses

choose to launch their product through an online marketplace. This is because it’s really

easy to customize your launch, plus with so many affiliates concentrated on these sites,

it’s a great opportunity to create hype for your product. There are 3 main platforms

which internet marketers flock to, namely ClickBank, JVZoo and Warrior+ Plus.

One of the best things about ClickBank is the marketplace. Having your product listed in

the marketplace is a great way to keep the buzz going, especially if you get you product

to rank highly. The more interested people are in your product, the higher ranked your

product will be – this means even more visibility and opportunities.

ClickBank is also a great place for you to launch your product if you aren’t too picky

about your affiliates. If your product is listed in the marketplace, ClickBank allows

anyone on its site to become an affiliate by simply generating a unique affiliate link.

If you are a little more particular about who promotes your product as an affiliate, you

might want to go with JVZoo. JVZoo allows you to have complete control over who

becomes an affiliate for your product, as you need to manually prove interested

affiliates. With JVZoo, you can have interested parties message you first before you

approve them as affiliates.

Another great thing about JVZoo is, comparable to ClickBank, it is a lot easier to use and

they can host your product and sales page for you. This sort of gives you a one-stop

checkpoint when you want to launch your product. Also, there is no upfront fee for

launching your product on JVZoo. And, if you choose to, your product can be eligible for

JVZoo’s Pick Of The Day, which basically translates into even more visibility for your


As for our third option Warrior+ Plus, this is the best place to go to really exponentially

grow your affiliate network – it has loads more affiliates to promote your product. And,

like JVZoo, you also have the chance of your product being selected as pick of the day,

which will surely attract even more affiliates.

While Warrior+ Plus is a little older and not as user-friendly as ClickBank or JVZoo, in

truth, the greatest value in launching your product on Warrior+ Plus is it is very

saturated with people from the Internet Marketing niche. So if you are in that niche,

Warrior+ Plus is the way to go – especially if you want to start getting your name out


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