write article marketing easy


How to write article marketing easy

Whatever you are doing online – whether you are selling a product, selling a
service or simply giving out information – you will need to promote your
presence. It’s no good simply sitting out there and hoping someone will
come along and very kindly decide to spread the word for you to everyone
they meet.


So you need to get yourself known – and the best way to do that is through
article marketing.
But there is a right way and a wrong way to approach this task. Get it right
and you’ll be enjoying multiple streams of traffic for the foreseeable future.
Get it wrong and you will be creating a lot of work for yourself that may not
get anywhere near the kind of results you would want.
So with that in mind, let’s see how to go about it the right way.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is not just the art of writing articles and submitting them to the article directories.

Let’s not forget that these directories hold thousands upon thousands of
articles on all kinds of subjects. With that in mind, it’s not enough to simply
write an article and submit it all over the place.
What you need to do is to write great articles that will attract attention.

You will, of course, get a link back to your site from every submission you make
(more about backlinks in a moment) but you still need to get as many
eyeballs on your article as possible. This is because you want to turn readers
into visitors.
So let’s go through the most important steps you need to follow every time you put a new article together. If you become familiar with these and follow
them without fail, you’ll soon find that article marketing really can be easy.


Understanding Backlinks

Okay, let’s start with those backlinks. What are they exactly?

Well ,each article you write will include a resource box at the end, and everyone will include a link to your website. This could be to a particular and more

relevant page of your site, or simply to the home page. It depends on what the article is about and where you want your visitor to go to straight away.
But backlinks will get you noticed by the big search engines – the very same search engines that enable you to rank higher in the search results and be seen by more and more people.

Now some people have said that you can no longer submit exactly the same article to more than one article directory. If you do, Google will ignore all but one of them and you will have wasted your time in submitting your articles all over the place.

This is true in a sense because those other articles will not get positioned in the search results. But you will also find that if you submit the same article ten times, you will still get ten backlinks to your site.

And the more backlinks you have, the more they can help your site ranking. And once you learn how to add rewriting skills into your article marketing strategy, you’ll be appearing all over the place in Google anyway! Read on to find out more about this Here

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